To misquote Bob Dylan - but I was so much younger then, I'm older than that now

To misquote Bob Dylan - but I was so much younger then, I'm older than that now

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Facebook: I have a Facebook page but I don't really get it.

Twitter: Not much about photography but you are welcome to follow my occasional ramblings on Twitter

Instagram: Amongst the unbelievable dross there are some good photographers

Flickr: I throw up a few random photos on Flickr once in a while

500px: I have a few photos on 500px but there's too much 'like my stuff and I'll like yours'

Aminus3: There's a whole year's worth of photos on Aminus3 - one for every day - it was a challenge!

Red Bubble: Quite a lot of older stuff is on Red Bubble. Good if you want to buy a greetings card or if you are rich enough to buy a print

The Photographer

I love taking photographs. That's all that really needs to be said. Does it really matter how old I am or what I do for a living? Does that influence the way somebody looks at these photographs?

Who I am matters more but how can a lifetime be explained in a few words? I discovered who I was in the Swinging Sixties living just outside London but spending as much time as I could in the very heart of London. You know about the Swinging Sixties right? Part of me will be forever there. That was my foundation and the rest of my life can be summed up thus .... I am not a number I am a free man. I tried hard not to do what everybody else was doing.

Now all the things we are forced to do to survive are behind me and I have rediscovered the freedom of those early days. I can now travel a bit and do the things that I enjoy. I learned a lot along the way but still do things quietly and in my own way.My photographs are simply a small creative expression. They may not be to everyone's, or anyone's, taste but they are at least honest. I do not seek to fool you by pretending they are 'art'. If any one photograph stirs an emotion in the viewer then that is enough.

Keep it short they say. Finish before the music starts to play so in conclusion I'd just like to say a brief thank you.

To Robin and Mike, a thousand thanks. Without you I would be someone else.

The Site

I've dabbled in the past with ePhotozine, Flickr, Aminus3, Red Bubble, FineArt America, PhotoMe and probably others I have forgotten about but this, I hope, will be the final resting place.  I'll leave stuff on most of those other sites and might even update them if the fancy takes me but I need to make this my home now. Settle in and buy the furniture as it were.

I've looked around for a long, long, time now at most of the photography hosting sites and none really captured my imagination. All are expensive - some ridiculously so if you dream of selling prints - and after much humming and hawing I finally (sort of) settled on Squarespace. I signed up for a trial account but then found it quite difficult to achieve what I wanted and I could see that I might still be messing around when the trial period was up so I had one final look round. That's when I went back to SmugMug (where you are right now) and a 40% discount on the first year help persuade me to stay. It seems that everything I need is available and is pretty easy to set up. I could splash out a bit more and have a full ecommerce setup but the chances of selling enough to make that worthwhile are pretty slim so I chose the 'most popular' option. It's still not cheap but it is cheaper than many and  the ease of use is a big bonus. What is especially good is that you can set up a Smart Collection in Lightroom and Smart Galleries on the website so that (with a little careful planning) you can populate and update the site without ever leaving Lightroom. That's what I had been looking for.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about my work, although I don't expect there to be a flood of interest. It would be nice to know, though, that somebody is looking

Les Ellingham

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